April 24, 2020 3 min read

You have lots of fun on the beach; swimsuit, beach bag, and sunnies are all you need. What about those times when the fun in the sun leaves the sand and also leaves you still in your suit? 

Not to worry, there are plenty of ways to take your bathing suit from the poolside to outside.

Take that cute bikini top you have and turn it into statement bra. Pair it with a strapless dress, or layered over a slim mini. Making sure the bikini top is visible will make the outfit look intentional. 

A rash guard is really a skintight t-shirt that’s been dying to meet your skater skirt. Throw in a cross-body bag, some flat sandals, or skater-sneaks, and you’re ready to roll.

Need a dress in a flash? Grab that sarong and get to work. There are endless ways to arrange, tie, and drape this little piece of fabric-wonder. Layering with a jacket, cool jewels, and some heels will make you ready for fun, day or night. 

Take your low-cut bikini top and put it under a low cut tank. Or, mix it up with a halter-style top and that low-cut tank. Use complementary colors and it will look like a set, and then…you’re set!

If you’re sporting a one-piece this season, pair that plunging neckline with a slim-fitting skirt, or a longer skirt with a high slit. If this is your look-of-choice, be sure your suit isn’t too sporty or overly shiny. The lines of this look are strong, and other distractions are not welcome here. 

What about that open-backed dress that’s been hanging in your closet because you just can’t find the right bra to pair it with? Hello, strappy bikini top! Matching the colors of your bikini and dress can make it appear to be all one piece. Or go the other direction, and make a bold statement with bold colors that complement each other. 

Board shorts will not leave you bored. Use them in place of your denim cut-offs, and pair them with a button-down shirt. A crisp oxford shirt, with a hint of your bikini top underneath, is unexpected, with a dash of playful. 

Ever seen those sheer dresses and thought, “I wish, but, no.” Your high-waisted-bikini is bringing a “yes” to that dress. A similarly toned dress and the suit will blend beautifully together. If you want your suit to be more noticeable, find a dress that offers more contrast. Accessories will help draw the eye wherever you please. 

A bandeau top will work great under a tank with open sides. The more top that shows, and the more contrast you create, make this pair look more impactful. A ruffled bandeau with a maxi skirt is a flirty, fun look. Wearing the maxi near your natural waist is usually more flattering. A denim or moto jacket adds edge and interest.

Make the most of warm weather this season. Don’t waste time obsessing over outfits. You just turned your bathing suit into a staple for warm-weather attire. 

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