April 17, 2020 3 min read

How many of us truly hate to hear about getting your body “beach ready”? Some bodies (mine included) never feel like they want to run down the beach Bo Derek-style. Now, I have nothing against Bo’s lovely braids, her suit was also super-cool; what Ido have an issue with is the fact lovely ladies like Bo (at the ripe old age of 23) are the oftentimes the standard for a “beach ready” body. 

Obtaining anactualbeach-ready body includes following this rigid workout: Pull-on bathing suit we feel comfortable in, lift adorable beach bag, grab coverup. That coverup is actually the most rewarding part of this workout. You see, grabbing that coverup allows us to run down the beach Bo-style (braids optional), and we can be jiggling and flopping our way down the beach, or be one solid slab of muscle sprinting down along the surf. Who cares? Look how cute this cover-up is!

Coverups not only do what their lovely name suggests; a coverup is our warm-weather ticket to freedom. Tell me, what another article of clothing can take you from sand to sangria, or pool to picnic? Wearing the appropriate coverup allows us entrance into lots of places that our cute little swimsuit, unfortunately, will not. Think of all of the possibilities: Lunch in the hotel lobby? Drinks at that new tiki bar? Have to walk across a crowded beach in your suit and don’t want to feel like you’re on a catwalk? What about on your way to the pool and realize you forgot sunscreen; bikini in the grocery store? I think not. Brunch anyone? But of course, just let me grab my coverup! So now that we know we can’t leave the house without the perfect coverup, what do you choose? That’s easy, the choices are endless and there is a coverup for every taste. If you want to feel a bit of glamour poolside, a maxi dress is a great choice. A maxi is easy to take on and off, provides a lot of coverage, and is appropriate to wear just about anywhere. 

How about a tunic dress? A great option for an easy coverup. They are often made of lightweight material and come in lots of fun patterns and colors. Add a pair of white slacks or your favorite sandals to your tunic, and you’re ready for day or night. 

Have you ever considered a kimono? Well, it’s the time! Kimonos are the easiest to remove and add a bit of fun to the sun with their flowy sheer look. A kimono can easily work over a tank and jeans if you have can’t-miss plans later on. 

Ready to wow? Check out the caftan options that are available now. Their long and dramatic look makes it a perfect choice for the resort. 

A sarong is another great choice. This large piece of lightweight fabric makes an uber-versatile coverup. Wrap it around your waist as a skirt, or tie it around your bustline. Bam! You’ve got yourself a dress. 

Shorts are another all-around easy choice. Because they come in so many different lengths, there is a pair for everybody. You can go for short shorts or board shorts, drawstring or elastic waistband, patterned or solid, whatever you choose, there is a pair for you. 

With the help of a coverup, you’re always beach-ready. You can even run down that beach if you want to. Feel confident in your great look (wave to Bo), and then enjoy wherever the rest of your day may take you. 

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