April 10, 2020 3 min read

Do you find that your brain loves summer, but the rest of your body kinda hates it? You’re not alone. Dreams of lounging pools-side, fruity drink in-hand, enjoying feeling the warm sun beat down on your baggy Christmas sweater is a dream we all share. The problem is, reindeer hate fruity drinks, so it’s time to consider a different apparel choice. What better choice than a great new bathing suit? 

Bathing suit shopping is what your nightmares are made of you say? Fear not, it will only take a few tweaks to take you from sweatsuit to swimsuit, and the best part is, losing weight is not part of this plan! 

As stated, the biggest issue is, as they say, all in your head. Most of us see a whole different body in the mirror than just about what everyone else on earth (or the beach) sees. So, before you even think of shopping for swimwear, it’s time to get your head straight. 

There have been countless studies done on the attractiveness of confidence (hint: it’s super attractive), and sitting under that umbrella in those overalls is apparently, not making you look confident (or attractive for that matter). First, determine what it is about your swimsuit body that makes you want to run for cover(up) and then… work with it! 

There are suits out there for every shape and body type, and picking the right one for you, is one key to upping that confidence. Are you more comfortable in a one-piece? You can find a suit with a little drama, right where you want it. Check out this year’s one-piece suits that have interesting details around the neckline and shoulders. Maybe you have a couple of areas that need special attention. High-waisted bottoms, paired with a cool bandeau top, can cover up and show off at the same time. Be sure to try on lots of different styles, maybe try something a little out of the ordinary for you. You could be stuck in a rut and not even know it. 

It’s true that it’s all in the details—an awesome coverup and cool accessories can make you feel like you’re ready to hit the runway (Ok, beach). If you feel too vulnerable to hang poolside in your bathing suit, pick a coverup that suits your suit. If you want to compliment your suit, a sheer top or wrap shows your bathing suit but allows you to still feel appropriately covered up.

Want to feel more covered up? A flowy maxi dress is a choice for you. A skirt that works with a bikini top is also a cute look that still adds a bit of modesty. 

And let’s not forget the sunglasses and beach bag. Find the shades in a style you like, that will protect your peepers in the bright sun. That beach bag should make you happy to carry while being a workhorse for all of your summer fun. (It’s possible to be both pretty and smart!) Shop around for a pair of light-weight, functional sandals or slides that can take from inside to outside, safely and comfortably. These little details can be a big confidence-booster, right when you need it most.  

It may sound silly, but practice can make you feel perfect. Once you choose that bathing suit you that feel comfortable in, give it a whirl at home first. Walk around your own space in it. Do laundry, watch a movie; just getting comfortable in a new bathing suitbefore you leave your house can help relax you once you are out and about. 

The final, most important step in getting beach ready is to surround yourself with the right team. No, not a hair and makeup team, you don’t need all that fuss. Your team is the people that love and support you; those good people around you that lift you up and make you feel great, no matter where you are. 

Feeling good about yourself and the people around you can make every day feel like a day at the beach. At Key West Swimwear, we have all the swimsuit options you need to find that inner confidence. Key West Swimwear offers the biggest selection of high-end swimsuits in Key West. When looking for swimsuits in Key West, there’s no better place to go, with over 1000 items and many high-end lines. Come see us today or visit us at keywestswimwear.com for more information or to check out our vast selection.

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