April 03, 2020 2 min read

It’s always sunny in Florida, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to live in, or perhaps visit Florida, you’ll want to know what hot bathing suit trends are heading your way in 2020. 

Yearning for some peace, love, and happiness? You got it! Tie-dye suits are bringing the love, big time in 2020. Check out hip one-piece styles, or consider a bikini made from hemp. Sustainable is in, and hemp is a great replacement for synthetic fabrics. You can find lots of choices made from upcycled materials that will keep bringing the love (and peace, and happiness). 

Perhaps you are a more monochromatic-maven. You’re in luck! Black is back and it’s center-stage this season. But, black is not the only game in town. Black has some competition this year, and it’s smooth as chocolate; chocolate brown that is. Chocolate brown isn’t just popular because it represents our favorite food group, it is also getting some love because it flatters just about every skin tone. And last but not least, orange is making a splash this year. It works great alone, or as a complement to the other two hot hues. Orange you glad you have options this year?

Maybe your inner cat is looking to prowl. Good thing, because the animal kingdom is out and about, stalking beaches, and lounging poolside. You’ll find zebra, snake and leopard patterns that will make you want to pounce. 

What if you want to put some metal in it? We’ve got you covered. Shimmery metallic fabrics will blind you with their beauty this season, as you choose from silver bikinis, shiny gold once-pieces or maybe even a coverup with metallic detailing. 

Swim season is in full bloom and what better way to celebrate than with a floral-patterned suit? Feel like you are on an exotic getaway in a tropical-patterned look, or turn your backyard into a private island when you wear bright, bold colors and designs. You’re no shrinking violet!

Keep onlookers off-balance with geometric looks. A one-shoulder suit adds just enough drama, while still flattering most body types. Consider a suit with circle cut-outs that show just a bit of skin while still allowing you to feel a bit covered up. Cut-outs that reveal cleavage, or a bit of tummy, are provocative and fun. 

It’s all in the detail, and this year is no different. You’ll find lots of detail, and lush fabrics this season. Ruffles are a great accent to your favorite body parts, and cool details like metal claps, crystal inlay, and beaded ties, wrap it all up beautifully. 

The 2020 swim season is off and swimming and with all these options, you’re definitely going to find a suit that floats your boat. At Key West Swimwear, we have the biggest selection in Key West, with everything available for shopping online! We have the best styles and brands that you love. Come see us today or check out our website. 

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