March 27, 2020 2 min read

You might never have thought about it, but a swimsuit can be a moody thing. More like, you can be a moody thing, and your bathing suit choice can reflect that. 

A girl’s mood can swing from flirty to sexy, modern to modest. The best part of being female is you can be all over the place and still find a suit that suits you! 

Flirty is fantastic when it comes to zeroing in on your target. A suit with peek-a-boo cutouts that show just a smidge of skin, is a great attention-getter. A ruffle here, a flamingo print there, all show your playful side. Don’t forget the skirted suit! This year, skirty is flirty!

Feeling like a mover-and-a-shaker? Watersports are calling! Swim laps, or play a little beach volleyball in a racerback swimsuit. A racerback one-piece offers you support while you’re out there crushing it on the wakeboard, or putting the boys to shame on water skis. Whatever you’re ready to take on, you’ve got the support of the racerback.

Bold girls are rocking the beach with bright colors and plunging necklines. Pick up a suit with a little mesh detail or one shoulder. Animal prints are for everyone, but bold moods can take it up a notch. A leopard once piece with a complimentary animal print bag, or sarong, will put the cat in catwalk. 

If you’re feeling a bit modest, there’s a suit for that too. Modest does not have to mean boring. There are lots of eye-catching options that still allow you to feel a little more covered-up. A tankini usually covers more on top but still feels pretty. A well-cut one-piece with a little ruching or tummy support can cover up the spots you want, while the sun shines on the other on all the other stuff.

Trendy girls get ready! Your go-to little black dress just got turned into a little black bikini. Strappy tops and intricate detail abound in this season’s looks. A sleek black one-piece can take you from the tiki bar right on over to lunch at the resort. A flowy sarong, or cover-up with crystal detail will look spot-on, while you are in the spotlight. 

Feeling a little mixed up?

We’ve got you covered. Covered in separates that is! You can pair a bikini top with whatever bottoms you’re feeling. Grab your sporty tankini top and pair it with a sexy little triangle-cut bikini bottom. Floral on top, stripes on the bottom—no problem! it all works out when you choose complementary colors or patterns. 

You see? It doesn’t matter if your moods change like the weather! You can play to anything you’re feeling. Just get out there are start feeling the sunshine. 

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