March 20, 2020 2 min read

Warm weather is a perfect time to heat up your curves. The best way to do that? A hot new swimsuit! If you find your curves are throwing you a curve, read on sexy lady!

There are definitely some pluses to shopping in the plus-size market right now. Lots of options can be found to help you flaunt your fuller-figure. Pick an area you want all eyes on, and drape it in bright, fun colors. Eye-catching prints are a great way to say, “Hey, look this way!” If, like most of us, you have some spots you’d like to draw attention away from, choose darker, single-colored suits to help downplay those areas. Just like the song says: You’ve got to “accentuate the positive...”

If, perhaps, you’d like to appear longer and leaner, grab a suit that offers a horizontal print, running from hip to bust. Horizontal lines can create an illusion of length. An asymmetrical one-piece suit can also add length if you feel you have a bit of a short torso. Consider a suit with a pattern running down the center, a halter, or a high-necked top. All of these options lead to length!

If you have a tummy you’d like to camouflage, check out this season’s suits with ruching.  Ruching looks dramatic and classy. Your admirers will notice you, while you’ll noticing the much-loved flattening-effect of ruching. You’ll feel runway-worthy, with the added confidence of flaunting the parts you love most. 

There are also adorable one-pieces that have built-in angels. (Some call them hidden support panels, but, whatever.) These panels can flatten the look of a not-so-flat stomach, and no one knows they’re there but you. (See, angles!) A skirted bottom, beautiful sarong, or a funky swim-dress are also considered friends of the tummy. 

Finding a suit to suit you, might feel like a challenge you aren’t quite up for. It doesn’t have to be that way. We all have parts we love, and parts we love a little bit less. Focus your attention on the parts of you that you love most. 

Focusing on the positive will result in your finding a positively perfect suit, that is positively perfect for you! Key West Swimwear is the place to go when it comes to key west bathing suits. We offer the best high-end swimwear in Key West - with the biggest selection! You can shop online now or come see us in person. See you soon!

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