May 01, 2020 3 min read

Finding a bathing suit that fits your body may seem like a challenge you just don’t feel like taking on. No, you don’t need to change your body. You do need to change the process, and maybe your mindset. 

It’s time to figure out your body type, embrace it, slap a great-fitting bathing suit on it, and get to the water. Overthinking things, or wasting time being unhappy with what you think you see in the mirror, only robs you of time you could be smiling in the sun. So let’s go.

First, what is your general body type? Are you curvy? Fuller on the top or the bottom? Athletic, or maybe have a more straight-lined body? Once you figure that out, it will be easier to move confidently onto the fun part: Shopping!

If you are on the curvy side, there are some pluses to shopping plus size. There are lots of options that allow you to keep the focus on your favorite parts, and take attention away from the others. Bright colors are a bold way to grab attention, and prints can bring the eye right where you want it. For those spots that you’d rather draw attention away from, look for darker shades and monochromatic themes. Pay attention to the fit. Look for wider straps that add support, and sturdy fabric in places you’d like a flatter, smoother appearance. 

If you have a straight-lined body, it’s not difficult to add some curve and have some fun while you do it. Tops with ruffles or horizontal lines create the look of a larger bust. Push up, or padded options can also add some fullness. Bottoms with ruffles, or other nifty details like belts, can create the illusion of a larger bottom. Try to avoid bottoms that tie on the side, and also triangle tops. 

Maybe you are fuller on top and would like to create a more balanced look. A top that offers moderate coverage will accentual your bust just enough, without making you appear too top-heavy. Lean toward V-shaped necklines, as they naturally flatter your bustline. Halter-style and underwire offer support where you need it.  

If small-busted is more in line with what you’ve got going on, padding and push-up tops help to bring out your curves the best. Horizontal lines and ruffles also add to the illusion of a larger bust.

If, perhaps, you’d like to appear longer and leaner, grab a suit that offers a horizontal print, running from hip to bust. Horizontal lines can create an illusion of length. An asymmetrical one-piece suit can also add length if you feel you have a bit of a short torso. Consider a suit with a pattern running down the center, a halter, or a high-necked top. All of these options lead to length!

Choose a swimsuit that visually breaks up your body to create the illusion of a shorter torso. Two-piece, two-toned suits help shorten the look of a long torso, and also help your waist look more narrow! 

Pear-shaped ladies may want to draw some attention to their upper bodies. Do this with brightly colored tops that accentuate your bustline while drawing attention away from your lower half. One-piece, tankinis, and skirtinis can also pull this off. Look for bright colors for even more help. Try to stay away from sarongs and colorful bottoms. They only serve to exaggerate the midsection. 

If your tummy isn’t so yummy, try a one-piece with a strong fabric that helps flatten the appearance of your stomach. Ruching (or gathering) on the sides, can help slim the appearance of the tummy and the waist. A suit with a fun print down the middle, or a colorful sarong, will draw the eye downward for more visual balance. 

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