May 08, 2020 2 min read

If you’re small-busted and searching for a swimsuit, hopefully, you’re breathing a healthy sigh of relief. Finding a suit-that-suits a small bust is much easier than finding a cute-yet-supportive one for large busts. 

If you’re not buying what we’re selling, think waaaay back to the ‘90s. Picture it: Kate Moss sporting one of her famous teensy-tiny triangle tops…that’s it. The teensy-tiny triangle top can be rocked by no one better than a small-busted gal!

And speaking of those triangles, every woman who can (This is you!), should own a classic black bikini. This is the equivalent of a little black dress for the pool. Simple black triangle top and bottoms that tie it all up nicely on the sides. There you go, your swim staple.

But, maybe you’d like to package things differently and make more, or the most, of what you’ve got up-top. We’ve got you covered. There are lots of options that help create the illusion of a bigger bust.

An embroidered top with ruffled, or smocked silhouette, creates a look of fullness. An option with boned seams will keep everything in place. 

Bandeaus tops are perfect for your body type. You won’t feel like you’re falling out of this suit, and it pairs well with just about any bottom. No straps mean… no straps to deal with, and that just adds to the comfort of this little warm weather workhorse. 

Speaking of going with any bottom, ditch the idea of having to buy the standard top-and-bottom combos. It’s all about the separates! You can mix and match colors, but you can also mix and match sizes. If you are heavier on the bottom, you can choose a well-fitting bottom and also find a contoured fit for the top. Play with patterns and colors to create a customized look that fits you!

A top with front ties, or any center embellishment for that matter, can give the illusion of a fuller chest. Bows, ties, whatever adds some bulk up-top, is stylish and flirty.

You, my friend, can rock a one-piece, and we don’t mean that dowdy sack you may be thinking of. No, we are talking about anything from that plunging V-neck to a versatile swim dress. Smaller-chested women can wear just about any type of swimwear.

Bralettes are also your friend. Because they are usually more fitted, you can feel like you’re wearing your comfiest sports bra poolside.  Strappy backs are a fun addition. Pair it with a sporty swim skirt and you’re ready to go to the pool and the pool bar.

Of course, we can ‘t overlook our ever-reliable friends: Padding and Push-up. These twins are always there for your twins, ready to make them feel bigger and bolder than they really are. Nothing like an old friend, always there to boost you up. 

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