August 07, 2020 2 min read

It can be tough to find swimwear for a pregnant body. Throw in your constantly changing shape, and weight, and you could be ready to tap-out already. Hold on, we’ve got you, and your baby bump, covered.

Because your body is in a state of continuous change, it makes sense to choose swimwear based on trimester. For instance, in your first trimester, you might not actually look pregnant. Instead, you might have jumped up a couple of sizes, and feel like you hit the pasta bar one too many times. The thick-in-the-middle look looks great in a swingy tankini top. If you’re not feeling bothered by a thicker midsection, then seize the day, by ceasing your awesome new bustline. Show them off in a deep-v bikini top, or try out an always-flattering, halter neckline. 

In the second trimester, you may have “popped,” while others may still be sporting that cute little pasta-bar belly. The good news is if you have indeed popped, you might feel more comfortable in swimwear. Actual maternity suits can be useful now, and you can still wear that bikini. Check out bikini bottoms with roll down, or up, fabric to cover your muffin-top, or roll it down to sit comfortably under your belly. String-bikini bottoms are perfect for pregnancy. You can adjust them as you grow, and still, wear them after pregnancy. 

In the third trimester, you tend to grow quickly, and grow a lot. But, along with all that growth, comes awesome hair and glowing skin. When looking for swimwear for up-top, keep in mind that your bust is going to be much heavier. Choose tops that offer lots of support. While there may be no bone in your body that wants to wear a bikini in the third trimester, it might be the simplest option. Bikinis are the coolest option, and this trimester may have you feeling pretty warm; the last thing you want on your body is extra material. 

When you feel like your body is betraying you, growing here, and sagging there, focus on the good parts: your hair, your skin, your bustline! Find swimwear that helps cover what you’re not loving (hello swim-skirt), and accentuates what you are loving (goodbye rash guard, hello deep-v). Remember that this is what your body is supposed to do, and whatever swimwear you purchase now, will most likely be useful post-pregnancy, as your body slowly returns to normal. “Normal,” are you laughing yet?

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