August 14, 2020 2 min read

With all of today’s cute mix-and-match swimwear options, it can make sense to buy lots of different tops and bottoms, just to have a bunch of great options. What you might catch yourself doing in the process, is purchasing some of those items, just to “have options”, rather than, “because they’ll actually last”. 

Yes, the options are great. No, poorly-made options are not great, and they are definitely worth your time or your investment; regardless of how small that investment might seem at the time. Spending any money on cheap swimwear is pointless if you take into consideration what you are actually expecting from that purchase. 

What is it you’re expecting exactly? A whole lot. You may not have put much thought into it before, but swimwear has to not only look cute, and fit great when you buy it, it has tokeeplooking cute and feeling great, after you’ve dragged it through swimming laps, a little beach volleyball, dipping in a pool full of chlorine, drying it in intense UV light, and heat, and oh, throw in a bit of saltwater for kicks. Your swimwear gets its butt kicked on a regular basis, and for it to keep up with you, it’s got to have something to kick back with. 

Swimwear, in particular, needs to be well-made, with UV resistant fabrics, that will mold to your body, without giving up after the first week. If the fabric on that suit that was “such a great deal, you couldn’t pass it up”, isn’t able to fight fading from the sun, well…you should have passed it up. You probably bought it to match another piece that you already have. Once the big ol’ sun gets its rays on that “great deal”, it won’t match for long. The colors will fade, and it’s also likely going to lose its elasticity just as quickly.  Nothing like droopy, faded bikini bottoms to make you feel your sexiest! 

Stitching, fabric, and overall quality are hugely important when it comes to buying swimwear. If you see loose threads, lose it, and quickly. Seams that aren’t even, embellishments a little wonky? Walk away friends, walk away. This deal is not worth unraveling at your next pool party. 

Instead of hunting for bargains in bulk, search around for a few quality pieces, that you know will stick around for another season. This way, you can add to your options, and know that what you buy this season, will still be around to coordinate with the hot little (quality) number you buy next season. Thus, your swimwear “collection” is born.

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