June 19, 2020 2 min read

The beauty of the bikini is its versatility, and the very definition of versatility is mix and match. OK, maybe that’s not what Merriam-Webster would say exactly, but it’s close. 

There are countless reasons why a girl appreciates the mix-and-match. Perhaps your body, like just about everyone else on the planet, has a different size top from the bottom. If this is the case, buying separates allows you to tailor the fit. Or, maybe the top, or the bottom, of last year’s suit, got lost, stolen, ruined, shrunk, or ugly. Well, thereis the survivor to consider. Perhaps you are a cash-genius and want to get lots of bang-for-your-bikini, by wearing it a bunch of different ways. You smart cookie. See? There you go: countless reasons. 

Whatever the reason, mixing-and-matching your bikini is an excellent idea, and now you need to learn how to put that idea into action. Plenty of websites, and stores, sell tops and bottoms separately. There’s a good reason for that: so you can show your creative bikini-prowess. Get creative, be unexpected, and show them how it’s done.

Speaking of unexpected, consider mixing prints. Your grandma, great-aunt, or someone else stuck in a time warp, may have told you that you “can’t mix prints”. Peeshaw my friend, prints were born for mixing. If your top is sporting an all-up-in-your-face print, it’s probably best to tone down the other print. If one half is going print-crazy, choose a traditional print, like polka dots, or stripes. Large prints can also work with micro prints. 

Different colored, solid, tops and bottoms can look great. Think black top, white bottom. Simple, yet bold, at the same time. Find contrasting bright colors, and combine, for a look that is intentional and striking. One small note: Be sure you are using contrasting colors. Colors that are too similar might look like you're trying to create a set (but didn’t). 

Of course, a solid, combined with a print is a sure bet. Whatever the print, be sure the solid color is included in it. If that color is not included, see the above trick, and choose contrasting colors. Whatever half of your body you’d like the attention on, should have the printed piece. 

There’s another way to make things look cohesive, and it isn’t even color or pattern-based. Look at the cut of the pieces. If the coverage is similar: full-coverage top and bottom, skimpy up and down, sporty north and south, feminine hereandthere, well you just may have created a great set. 

Not only are there a zillion reasons to mix-and-match your bikini, there are a zillion ways to do it. Play around, find what works for you, get out there and mix it up!

Once you find that perfect mix, head to the beach, feel the sand on your feet and soak up the sun! At Key West Swimwear, premium quality suits are what you’ll find. So what are you waiting for, stop by and mix it up in your Key West swimsuit! For more information, visit our website or call us today! 

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