June 12, 2020 2 min read

With warm weather on the horizon, and nothing better to do but think about getting out for some sun with your crew, you must have your bikini on your mind. And, what better subject to ponder, than the bikini bottom? 

The frequently under-rated partner in the bikini-duo, the bikini bottom is due for some attention. Who else protects, supports, and showcases your bottom like the bikini bottom? Now let’s find the perfect bottom for your bottom. 

The cheeky bottom’s name says it all. When you’re feeling cheeky, and particularly happy about your bum, the cheeky-cut is your perfect partner in crime. With the barely-there narrow cut, combined with a hip-hugging fit, you are in for minimal tan lines, and maximum attention.

If you’re curvier, or have a little tummy-you’d-like-to-tuck, take a high-waisted bikini bottom for a spin. This great friend to everyone, rises up near, or at, your belly button, and can vary from full to cheeky. The magic of this suit is that it stays in place, and holds you in. 

What if you like a bit more coverage? There are lots of options for moderate and full coverage bottoms. These bottoms usually sit low on your hips and cover most, if not all of your back-side. They are comfy, and allow the bikini top to get some attention (unlike their flirty cousin Cheeky). 

Finally, the string-bikini bottom, strings it all together. This classic style offers adjustable sides for a custom-made fit, and makes your legs look miles long. Nothing to hate there. 

You can choose a solid-colored bottom to pair well with a patterned bikini top, or let the bottom take center-stage, and go with bright colored, or patterned bottoms.  The beauty of the bikini as a whole, is its ability to work in parts. 

So get out there, have some fun, and find that bikini bottom, that makes you feel on top!

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