June 05, 2020 3 min read

Swim-season is calling! And what is your answer? Not sure what the heck you’re feeling? Fear not sun-lover, you’re not alone. 

Things these days seem to be in constant change, and that may very well include your mind. Yes, it is OK to not know what you want, think you want one thing, decide that one thing you wanted was a hideous idea, and be right back to not knowing what you want. Believe it or not, this “mindset” transfers beautifully into one thing, and one thing only: The bikini top! 

Yes, the bikini top! What other article of clothing can you choose, un-choose, re-choose, double-choose and still pair well with the old standby - known as the bikini bottom. Just as it sounds, the bikini bottom is, well, the bottom—known for being a solid, an anchor, a stable friend that will accept lots of partners in the form of bikini tops. And just as it sounds the bikini top is…on top! The decision-maker, the mind changer, the one driving the whole bathing suit experience, so you’d better just be patient. Because our old friend bikini bottom is no complainer, that allows you to choose lots and lots of bikini tops!

Where do you begin? How about a little fun? Rustle up some ruffle for an instant flirty feel. A smocked silhouette, with maybe a little boning added in, can give you a fuller look up-top. Throw in some flirty detail, like beaded straps, crystal in-lay, or metal accents to keep all eyes on you. 

A tie-dye top with a contrasting colored bottom is super-hot right now, even if you feel you are more hip than hippy. If you do happen to be sustainability-minded, you can find lots of cute tops made from hemp in place of other synthetic fabrics. 

If you happen to love you some pattern, you are in luck! Bright colors are everywhere, and there seems to be a pattern for every palate. Floral prints are putting the power back into the flower, and nothing screams warm weather more than bold floral prints. And the prints? Oh, the prints! Animal prints are everywhere. Snakeskin, zebra, and leopard are just a few of the pool-side party animals that can help you rock that top.

Colors, and prints, and added on doo-dads, are all certainly awesome on that bikini top, but what about the cut? The lines? The shape? When considering the shape, where better to start than the classic triangle top? The triangle top goes with just about every bottom. It is a summer-staple, a bathing suit Whitney Houston if you will: beautiful, classic, never goes out of style, and goes with everything. (A stretch perhaps, but you get the point—we all need a triangle top.)

A bandeau top might be worth trying out. Pair it with a solid color, or bold-print bottom. The simplicity of this style gives you lots of freedom in regard to the bottoms you choose. Swim skirt anyone?

If you aren’t the girl that sits quietly poolside ready Oprah’s latest suggestion, you might enjoy the comfort and support of a racerback top. Swim laps, show them all how beach volleyball is really done, or dive into those waves. It won’t matter, you can move and shake, and feel safe that nothing else is moving and shaking. 

If you want to strut your stuff a little more, grab a bikini top with a plunging neckline, or a little peek-a-boo detail. Tops that are outfitted with a little pad here, a little push-up there, never hurt a girl who enjoys a bit of strutting.

Everyone loves to have options, With the ability to choose from so many different, colors, cuts, prints, and styles of bikini tops, you can change your top, like you change your mind, and still come out feeling like you’re on top! At Key West Swimwear, we have the BIGGEST online selection of premium and high-end swimwear. We have the best selection of Key West swimsuits on the island! If you are ever in the keys, you have to stop by and see the best place to buy swimwear in Key West. For more information, call us today or visit our website. 

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