July 10, 2020 3 min read

You got that cute suit, planned your vacay (possibly stay-cay), and now you just need to bronze the bod a bit. Does the shade of your swimsuit affect how you tan?


You may think that wearing a dark-colored suit will help you tan faster. On that note, you would be… incorrect. You might be scratching your sun visor right now, thinking, “Hold on, I thought dark colors attracted the sun.” That is true, but while dark colors do attract more heat than lighter colors, the rays of the sun can’t penetrate dark fabric as well. 


Darker colors actually offer better UV protection. A dark blue cotton shirt offers a UPF of 10, while the same white shirt only offers a UPF of 7. What is UPF you ask? UPF is an ultraviolet protection factor. You’re getting sun-smarter by the minute!


So, while the color of your suit may not have much bearing on tanning, the fabric of it does! 

Dense fabric doesn’t always mean better sun protection. The weave of the fabric is actually more important. The tighter the weave, or knit, of a fabric, the smaller the holes are for the UV rays to sneak through. Synthetic fibers, like nylon and polyester, offer you more sun protection than kinds of cotton that are bleached, or fabrics like rayon, that are semi-synthetic. Fabric that is in newer condition is more effective for sun protection than older, frayed, or faded garments. Fun sun fact: Did you know wet fabric usually offers a lower UPF than dry fabric? (Now try to say “fun sun fact” fast three times.)


Since the color of your suit isn’t going to have much impact on your actual tan, let’s focus on colors that will help your tan glow. To keep things simple, a good rule-of-thumb is that brighter colors tend to show off your tan the best. The exception to this handy rule is white. (There is a reason all those white parties take place in the summer!) 


Neon colors are great for playing up your summer color, thanks to the stark contrast between the tan of your skin and the neon fabric. Red is not only a power player in the boardroom, it works in the surf-board arena even better. If you aren’t quite feeling the neon, red is a great alternative. Not only is it just about the signature color for summer, but red has also done some very nice work on Baywatch. 


As always, those two friends that seem to be over-achievers in every category: black and white are great colors to show your glow. Consider a solid white one-piece for dramatic effect or a black triangle-and-string bikini for a classic bronzed-babe look.


Whatever it is you fancy, choose this year’s swimsuit with thought. Consider the safest way to show some color, while staying safe from the damaging effects of the sun.  Remember, red is a power color for your suit, not your skin. 

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