July 17, 2020 2 min read

A swimsuit, just like other things you wear, can be a form of expression. So, why not make the most of it, and really let ‘em know how you’re feeling?

Some days, a girl just feels a little flirty. A suit with peek-a-boo cutouts, puts the fun in flirt. Be bold, or just show a little skin: your mood,yourchoice. Fun tropical prints, a little ruffle, a cute skirt? All scream “look over here, y’all”. 

Speaking of bold, sport a suit with bright colors, or how about adding a little plunge to that neckline? Throw in a little mesh here, a little skin there, and you’ve got yourself one bold babe. Want to really feel like you’re on the prowl? Choose a leopard print one piece. Add in a complimentary sarong, or cover-up, and you’re feeling like the queen of the jungle. 

If you’re a lady that’s always on the cutting edge, you know the staple of every wardrobe is the little black dress. The LBD finds itself a staple in swimwear too! You know it, that teeny black bikini, or slick black one-piece, fits every place, every time. Pair it with a black maxi skirt, or cover-up with some shiny metal detail, and you just put theedge, in cutting edge. 

If you are a girl on the go, you’ve got to sport a suit for sports, watersports that is! Want to swim some laps? Try some water aerobics? Play a little beach volleyball? The racerback one-piece is calling, and the answer is: Yes please!

Maybe you’re more on the modest side. We’ve got your covered. Seriously…we’ve got you covered, with fun options that allow ample coverage, without feeling like you’re wrapped mummy-style in your beach towel. A well-made one piece, that has say, some cushion or other awesome support, will leave you feeling confident, instead of exposed. 

If expressing yourself means showing your eclectic side, you’re in luck! This season is offering all sorts of separates, that when put together, make a whole lot of fun. A bandeau top, paired with slinky side-tie bottoms, feels sexy and fun. You can have a ball mixing patterns too! Florals on the bottom, plus stripes up top, equals one cool look. Using complimentary colors allows you the ability to mix all sorts of patterns. 

It’s fun to express yourself, and your swimwear should be no exception. In fact, finding fun ways to show who you are, should be the rule, not the exception. 

Own the beach in confidence and in style! Key West Swimwear is the top destination for swimsuits and accessories in Key West Florida. From one-pieces to bikinis sold as a set or separate, Key West Swimwear has you covered! Visit our website for more information or give us a call today!   

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