October 23, 2020 2 min read

You may be a seasoned surfer, or maybe you’re just beginning to get your feet wet, in any case, it’s good to know a few things about surf-preparedness. Proper swimwear is near the top of that list. 

What youdon’t want to do is flash every other surfer while trying to catch that wave. Swimwear that stays put, and can keep up with you, is the key. Women’s surf-style has come a long way, and surf-chicks everywhere are stoked. 

You can find stylish, functional choices thatsuit you! Tankinis are notorious for putting thefunin function. Tops stay put, thanks to their wider straps and sturdy material, and bottoms can offer lots of options. 

You can choose a cheeky bottom with a narrow cut and atypically, higher rise. Or, you can go all-out thong, if you choose. Lots of surfers say they think thongs are a pretty practical choice. If you want full coverage, while you’re covering those waves, check out the high-waisted retro styles that usually offer a medium to full coverage on the bottom. 

You can also forego the swimsuit altogether, and no we are not talking about that clothing-optional beach. Check out a pair of great-fitting board shorts and a rash guard to hit your next set. It’s all about what’s comfortable for you. 

While what you wear is important, what you don’t wear is also important. Surfing isn’t the time to debut grandma’s priceless earrings or that brand new sparkly diamond. Waves are rough, and there’s a solid chance you’re going to lose that jewelry. This also includes your watch; part of the beauty of surfing is being about to let go of time. You don’t need to lose your watch to “let go of time”.

Leave your water shoes on the shore. They won’t make surfing any easier and are more likely to just get in your way. Sunglasses also need to stay in that beach bag. They’re going to fall right into the water as soon as you get any wave-action. You don’t need goggles either, unless you plan on diving, in place of surfing. 

Much as you’d like to record the beauty of the waves, or that incredible set you just dominated, you need to leave that camera back on the beach too. Surfing takes physical and mental focus, and being present is instrumental. 

Surfing, and surfers, are known for simplicity. So just grab a towel, swimwear and have simply the best time. 

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