October 30, 2020 2 min read

Tankinis are awesome little creations. They work hard doing double-duty, making you look good, and keeping up with all you do. While our first choice for active, yet fashionable swimwear, will almost always involve a tankini, there are a few things to look for, to make the tankini an even perfect-er choice for you. 

A tankini with an underwire top, adds even more support,andups the comfort! The addition of an underwire makes the top more stable and keeps fabric where it’s supposed to be. This allows you to be super-active, and still keep that flattering neckline. Some underwire tankinis have built-in cups, and lots of them come with removable cups. Options! 

We love tankinis for their sturdy strap configuration. Check out styles they offer adjustable straps. This adjustability gives you a customizable life, and more ways to sport the look. Some adjustable straps allow for a “bandini” look when you completely remove the straps. Like a bandeau, you get to skip the tan lines, without sacrificing any support. 

Tankinis designed with a high neckline can offer a flattering look, while giving you more coverage on top. There is also the added bonus of additional protection from the sun. On that note, be sure to always wear sunscreen. Any added protection from your swimwear is a win-win in our book. 

 All of the fun does not have to be had with the tankini top. There are endless options for bottoms to pair with that perfect tankini top. If your top has a particular print that you love, scooping up the matching printed bottom can give you a seamless look; similar to the look you’d get from a one-piece suit. 

 If you are looking for some control, or maybe a bit of camouflage from your bottoms, try out some of the stylish shapewear options that are flooding beaches and pools near you. High-waisted shapewear can smooth out your waistline, and give you a little nip-or-tuck, should you want it. 

 Skirted bottoms are a super-cute tankini-look. Not only do they offer extra coverage, but they can also take you from beach to beach bar, faster than you can say, “Margarita, please.” If you think skirted bottoms are handy, check out some cute swim dresses!

Tankinis are a no-brainer for anyone who loves to be active and loves for their suit to stay put. The less time you put into worrying about your swimwear means the more you have for playing in the sun. 

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