September 11, 2020 2 min read

For those of us who can’t get enough of the sun, there’s no need to sacrifice fashion for function. There is a style for everyone and lots to pick and choose from if you don’t want to pick just one.

If your inner flower child is yearning for a moment in the sun, you’re in luck! There are lots of tie-dye swimsuits, that not only walk the walk, but they also talk the talk. Designers have certainly noticed the demand for sustainable garments. Hemp is the perfect replacement for more traditional synthetic fabrics, and up-cycled materials are becoming common-place. This puts lots of power into the hands of the flower child. 

Maybe you are drawn to a more chic look. Black is always a classic look. A one-piece black swimsuit can look elegant on the beach, and will also look great with a wrap skirt, while you drink martinis on that yacht. 

While black will always be a staple, monochromatic suits offer the same pulled-together look, but give you the freedom to choose the pallet. Chocolate brown flatters just about everyone, paired with an orange sarong, or a cute orange beach bag, you’re ready to shine. 

Leopard prints are another classic look, but with a little more edge. A leopard print top, with solid brown, or black bikini bottoms is a look that always makes us purr. You don’t need to be tied to a leopard print, you can partner up with a leopard, zebra, or even a snake, to find the pattern that brings out the animal in you. 

If you really want to shine, opt for a swimsuit that has some metal detail. Silver and gold beaded bikini strings, or some metal embellishment at the neckline, can add visual interest to your suit. You don’t need to stop at the detail, you can go all-in with metallic fabrics, that will help you shimmer and shine, like the diamond you are. 

Need one last island vacation? There are lots of floral print suits that can bring the islands to you, even if you’re stuck in your own backyard. Feel like you are on an exotic getaway with a one-piece in bold, bright colors, or a two-piece with a Hibiscus, or Bird of Paradise print. 

If you like shapes on your shape, check out a few of the new geometric looks. Circle-cut outs are flirty and fun. A one-shouldered one-piece, adds length to your body and draws the attention up-top. With geometric cut-outs, you can show a little bit of skin, and still feel amply covered up. 

Whatever you’re doing in the sun, there are lots of ways to express yourself, while you enjoy the outdoors, because fun in the sun will always be in style!

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