January 16, 2020 3 min read

One of the best things about living in sunny-Florida is…well, thesun! Sun and sand mean suits and sandals; bathing suits that are. But how do you know which is the perfect suit for your perfect body? (By the way, your perfect body is the body you have right now!)

If you are a full-busted gal, you’ll want coverage that is not too little, but also, not too much. A top that offers moderate coverage is your best bet. Look for a neckline that will flatter your bust. A V-shape is naturally flattering, as it draws the eye both up, and down. 

Skinny straps don’t offer the necessary support, and tops with push-up padding only help to complicate the fit. 

On the other hand, a little push-up padding comes in handy if you are smaller busted. Padding will help bring out your curves. A top with cute ruffles, or horizontal lines, also help create the look of a larger bust. Tops that are triangular, and solid colors, actually do the opposite. 

If you are in the market for a plus size suit, there are plenty of options that allow you to flaunt your fuller figure. Choose the areas on your body that you’d like to emphasize, and draw attention to them with bright colors. Anybody parts you’d like to downplay, do so with darker colors. Fun prints that go from hip to bust, or horizontally, help create a longer-looking torso. If you are looking for some tummy-camouflage, a suit with ruching can offer a flattening effect. 

If you want to add some curve to your figure, choose a suite that enhances both your topandyour bottom. Tops with horizontal lines, or ruffles, help create the look of a larger bust. Padding and push-up tops also add curves. A bottom with embellishments, like a belt, or skirt, can give the look of a larger backside. 

Short torsos grow long, in one-piece suits with asymmetry. A pattern down the center of a suit will add to a longer, leaner look. One-piece suits with halters, or high necks, add instant-length to your body. It’s best to avoid a strapless or two-piece suit if you are looking for some extra length.

Should you have a long torso, find a suit that breaks up the line of your body. Two-piece suits are great for, not only shortening length but also making your waist look smaller. High-cut bottoms and plunging necklines are also flattering to a long torso. Straight cut bottoms and one-piece swimsuits are usually not as flattering. 

If the pear is your spirit animal, choose bikinis, tankinis, and bandeau-kinis to help better proportion your pear shape. Draw attention upward with bright colored tops, and solid bottoms. Avoid adding volume to your lower half by steering clear of sarongs, frilly bottoms and anything that may help exaggerate your hips. 

If the tummy is your not-so-sweet spot, choose a style that draws attention to your legs, while offering some coverage to the tummy area. Lots of one-piece suits have panels and gathering that help smooth, and therefore, flatten the look of the stomach. A one-piece with a skirt, a swim-dress, or a pretty sarong, will take the attention away from your midsection, and may also offer a bit of flexibility around outdoor dining areas. 

The sun, surf, and all-around glorious Florida weather is something we all should enjoy. Finding the perfect suit to hit the beach, just got easy; for everybody.

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