March 06, 2020 3 min read

You probably already invest a bit of time trying to choose the right style of clothing to fit your body type. That’s a great idea, but it’s only a greatstart. Another important part of choosing clothing that many of us miss, is what is the best color for your skin tone?

We’ve all had someone say, “That color looks great on you!” You might get compliments on the same shirt over and over, and that shirt doesn’t seem like anything special to you. It might be all about the color. It’s wise to know the best color for your skin tone. The wrong colors can make you look washed out, and dull.

Spending a little time understanding what colors suit you, can make a big difference. Having this knowledge translates to everything: From swimwear to jewelry, makeup to clothing. Color is just about everywhere, and after this, you’re going to be able to nail great choices. 

The first step is understanding your skin tone. Skin tones cover a wide range, but there are basically only two types: warm and cool. If you find you see yellow undertones in your skin, you are likely a cool operator. If you tend to see pink undertones in your skin, you’re of the warm and toasty. Keep in mind that even though your skin can grow lighter or darker due to the effects of the sun, your skin tone will remain the same. 

It pays to be a vein! You know, the kind in the back of your hand. Check out your vein color on the back of your hand, or the inside of your wrist. If your veins look blue, you’ve got a cool skin tone. If they are greenish, you’ve got warmer-toned skin. If you can’t really tell, it’s because it’s probably neutral. 

How do you look on paper? Grab a piece of white paper near your chest and throat. What colors of your skin jump out next to the white paper? If you notice blue or pink, that means you are cool, while if you notice green and gold, that tells us you are warm-toned. 

There is also a jewelry test. Bring out the gems boys! This is a test where similar to the paper test, you don’t want to compare to the skin on your face. Instead, grab a silver and gold-toned necklace. How does the skin on your neck appear next to the gold necklace?  Do the same test with the silver necklace. If your skin looks healthier and brighter with the gold necklace, you are warm-toned. Silver looking better makes you a cool-toned girl. 

Now that we know which tone you are, what colors work best for you? The seasons of summer and winter are considered cool tones. Spring and fall bring warm tones. All of your clothing doesn’t have to match your skin tone but it’s best to veer in the right direction when you’ve got the choice. 

Cool tone gals should wear lilac, pale blue, pastels and neutral shades with rose undertones. Sharp colors like white, black and navy blue are also good choices. Warm tone ladies will like yellows and oranges, peaches and corals. Warm deep colors like caramel, coffee, beige, red and green. Whether you are warm like fall, or cool like winter, finding colors that make you feel hot, will always be cool.

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