October 02, 2020 2 min read

Swimwear, just like any other type of clothing you wear, should complement your skin tone. We all like to hear how that shirt “really compliments your eyes,” and we want to make sure the color of that swimsuit is killing it too. The alternative is wearing colors that make you look dull and washed out. Who needs that? No us dear friends, not us. 

It pays to spend a bit of time figuring out what colors suit your skin tone, and how to make it work for you. It makes sense to start by understanding your own skin tone, which generally is either “warm” or “cool.” If you’ve ever noticed yellow undertones in your skin, you likely lean toward the cool side. If you lean toward more pink undertones, you’re on the warm side of the fence. Even though your skin can appear lighter, with the help of the sun, your skin tone will generally remain the same tone. 

Still not sure what skin tone you have? Put in on paper. That’s right, grab a piece of white paper and hold it near your throat and chest. What colors in your skin-pop out next to the paper? Do you notice blue or pink? That indicates cool. Notice green and gold? That says your skin is warm-toned. 

Jewelry is also a handy-helper. Yep, we all need more jewels! Just like the paper test, we don’t want to compare the skin on your face. Instead, take gold and a silver-toned necklace and hold it on your neck. If your skin looks better next to the gold necklace, you are warm-toned. Look better with silver? You’re cool-toned. 

So what do we do with all this handy new info? You dress accordingly, that’s what! Cool-tone ladies rock frocks in shades of lilac, pastels, pale blue, and neutral shades with pink, or rose undertones. Black, white, and navy, also flatter this skin tone.

Warm-tone gals will brighten your day with oranges, yellows, corals, and peaches. Toasty warm colors like coffee, caramel, beige, red, and green are also great choices. 

Treat your swimwear just like anything else you wear: Find a style you love, a fit that flatters, and a color that kills it with your skin tone. 

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